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A Guide for Holiday Office Parties


A Guide for Holiday Office Parties

It is the holiday season and with it come office parties both in the office and out of the office. With the festive atmosphere of food and alcoholic drinks, it can get very sticky at times, especially when people do not know their limit, so we asked for some basic rules to remind everyone, how not to wind up on the horrible local TV news for the wrong reason. We hope these help you to get through these litigious times without any problems. Thanks to Rita Craig, CEO of TopTier Leadership for her expertise on this and many other topics.

Tim Byrd “The Byrdman” Publisher Palm Beach Live Work Play

Here are 8 Tips to help you stay out of the doghouse or worse this holiday season.

Always treat others with respect.

If you are at an office party no matter where it is held, ALL THE SAME COMPANY RULES APPLY.  Don’t become someone you will regret!

Dress appropriately.

Limit the “happy juice!” (And, don’t drink and tweet!)

Treat others in a manner that you would like your spouse/significant other/someone you have the utmost respect for, to be treated.

As you deal with others, imagine that the person with whom you have a personal relationship, is standing next to you.

Imagine if you’d feel comfortable explaining your comment/behavior to your boss, loved one or a jury.

Remember… Statements never made need never
be explained!

Rita Craig is a world class expert on leadership, she has travelled to many countries to speak on this and many other key topics relating to leadership and the necessary qualities that go into leading successfully. She is a regular contributor and we appreciate her expertise on

Rita B. Craig is the CEO of Top Tier Leadership.  She has trained thousands on how to create a respectful workplace.




Tim Byrd

Tim Byrd “The Byrdman” is the Publisher and Host of Palm Beach Live Work Play. He is also the President and CEO of a commercial voice over company. His extremely successful and diverse career has reached into all aspects of the communications and entertainment industries across the United States and Europe. Tim can be reached at

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