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7 Q’s with an Insurance Marketing Wiz

Jessica Davis Director of Marketing for Acentria Insurance, she is considered one of the best at what she does

Jessica Davis Director of Marketing for Acentria Insurance, she is considered one of the best at what she does

7 Q’s for an Insurance Marketing Wiz 

Jessica Davis, Director of Marketing for Acentria, an Insurance company that serves the Southeastern states of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. It has 25 offices and subsidiaries. Davis is considered by many to be ahead of the pack when it comes to marketing in what is considered a tough sell by most, today we will find out what she does and why she is finding success by applying sound and solid creative principles, plus of course her hard work and talent. 

1 Q: What kind of insurance does Acentria offer and where in South Florida are the offices? 

A: We offer commercial lines for business owners, personal, home and auto, group employee benefits to companies and individuals. If it has anything to do with insurance, we can accommodate. Actually, in the Palm Beach area we often insure private collections, furs, fine wines, autos and more. We have 3 locations to serve the South Florida corridor, from West Palm Beach down to The Keys. 

600x320 GWA logo

Gateway-Acentria Insurance Locations:

Fort Lauderdale

2430 W. Oakland Park Blvd

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311



West Palm Beach

4524 Gun Club Road

Suite A-101

West Palm Beach, FL 33415


Key West

646 united Street

Suite 1

Key West, FL 33040 or

2 Q: What responsibilities go along with your title of Director of Marketing? 

A: I handle all marketing efforts to include social media, email campaigns, and I also work with producers that sell the actual insurance products, get their feedback, then create customized marketing campaigns to generate new revenue and business, plus I take care of the websites, and I handle all graphic design. 

3 Q: How many hats do you wear during the course of the day?

A: Usually 4 or 5, I also am tasked with planning the company events. We have a program called Acentria Cares, it is for our company and the subsidiaries, and it is centered on giving back to the communities we serve. We support many non-profits and encourage the local offices to embrace the charities of their choice, plus we volunteer our time, resources, or make financial contributions. Whichever of those is utilized, the non-profit receives a significant benefit.

Sometimes we host fund raising events with proceeds donated to non-profits in different areas. Another hat is the conferences we plan and offer, plus sales training, so I plan, organize and coordinate all of the above. 

4 Q: Let’s drill down into more of the marketing, being a graphic artist is a full time job in itself- 

A: I enjoy it very much, it gives me the chance to be creative and think out of the box, I am proficient with Adobe products like Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. Having those skills allows me to work across various platforms to achieve what is needed, whether it is online or print.

 And email blasts? We use Constant Contact and we put our prospects and current clients into that platform and once a month we send out information. It is what kind of and how we present that information that sets us apart, we send the basic info that people need, but we also send along life relatables that include recipes, tips, family oriented reminders, spring break insights to help families, things to make it more than boring information by itself. The average open rate for insurance companies is 6%, however due to our open minded approach by including creative and helpful content beyond insurance our average open rate ranges from 45%-86%. 

5 Q: What about Social Platforms, which ones do you focus on? 

A: Facebook is used for purely social types of activities our staff and owners are involved with. Things like helping others, helping food banks, clothing drives for children, truly social activities, we like to capture the spirit and share those moments on our Facebook Page. Since our company is family oriented it one way we like to give back to our clients, it is also an avenue we use to listen to our clients, and we respond by supporting them in life as well as helping with their insurance needs. LinkedIn is where we post new producers, staff position openings, plus we promote our business standpoint along with new acquisitions. 

6 Q: As a single Mom, how do you balance a demanding career with 2 young girls?

A: I use a little bit of art and a lot of science, good family support plus my company is very family oriented, so it works out. I do travel a lot, but only when it makes sense for my children and me. 

7 Q: How do you unwind? 

A: I live in what I consider to be a very beautiful part of Florida, the panhandle beaches are very inviting. My girls and I enjoy spending time at the beach together, it is relaxing for all three of us. 

Jessica, thanks for being our guest and letting us pick your brain some today, we wish you much success and happiness. 

“Thanks Tim, it is a special treat to be featured on Palm Beach Live Work Play” 

Written by Tim Byrd “The Byrdman”



Tim Byrd

Tim Byrd “The Byrdman” is the Publisher and Host of Palm Beach Live Work Play. He is also the President and CEO of a commercial voice over company. His extremely successful and diverse career has reached into all aspects of the communications and entertainment industries across the United States and Europe. Tim can be reached at

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