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Golfers Can Get Custom Names In The Sand

RayWhen I received this image and some of the items like mugs and an entire line of golf promotional items, I knew I had to hear the story of how it came about. Below is the story from Mary (the person who created the idea) herself. Since Palm Beach County is literally considered to be the golf capitol, I wanted to run this story for everyone who is a golfer, an aspiring golfer or just a putterer.

I needed a “new” golf gift idea for my husband who shares my passion for golf. I am an aerial photographer/pilot (28 years) and decided while on one of my photo missions, shooting construction projects and flying my Cessna 210, to look down at the golf courses I was flying over to see if I could find my husband’s name in the shape of the sand traps.

I decided “B” would be the hardest one to find. I looked down and saw the “B” immediately. I decided to look for the r,u,c,e to spell Bruce. I decided that during my flight routes in Florida (5-10 routes/month) I would continue to seek out the rest of the alphabet. Many letters came from courses in SW Florida. It took over a year and 500 hours of flying to find them all. Some have been replaced with “better” letters than the originals.

My friends suggested I start a golf merchandise business, since it is hard to find new, unique golf gifts for our family and friends. And that’s how I started In The Sand Golf (I.T.S. Golf). Mary

If you are interested, go to this address:

They offer mugs, golf tote bags and anything else you may want for the avid golfer in your home or office. Be sure to tell them you read it on Palm Beach Live Work Play, or online at



Tim Byrd

Tim Byrd “The Byrdman” is the Publisher and Host of Palm Beach Live Work Play. He is also the President and CEO of a commercial voice over company. His extremely successful and diverse career has reached into all aspects of the communications and entertainment industries across the United States and Europe. Tim can be reached at

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