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U.S. Northern Command Aids in Irma Relief

Sep 19, 2017 Comments Off by

    Living here in South Florida, Palm Beach County and our neighbors in the Caribbean, anytime word of hurricanes is brought up, it gets our attention.    We all have been through so much, we have to be smart in our approach   to it all. On top of that, anytime we see help coming [...]

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7 Q’s with an Insurance Marketing Wiz

Mar 26, 2017 Comments Off by

7 Q’s for an Insurance Marketing Wiz  Jessica Davis, Director of Marketing for Acentria, an Insurance company that serves the Southeastern states of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. It has 25 offices and subsidiaries. Davis is considered by many to be ahead of the pack when it comes to marketing in what is considered a [...]

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We Welcome to PBLWP

Feb 13, 2017 Comments Off by

We welcome to the Palm Beach Live Work Play family of sponsors, advertisers, supporters and friends Gary Schweikhart and his Gary is well thought of and has been in our area for many years, he will be contributing, so watch out for his own special area with suggestions for you. Of course the mission [...]

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Buy Local Always Applies

Dec 08, 2015 Comments Off

Buy Local Always Applies I am always happy when the topic of buying local comes up in conversation, or in an article/post. Buying products that are locally made can be a daunting mission sometimes. One of the reasons is most small businesses cannot afford big budgets for PR and marketing, so we don’t readily know [...]

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