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ROADIE Moves Your Stuff

Jul 17, 2017 Comments Off by

  Go figure, a slang word that was known in entertainment circles for years, roadie referred to the guys who toured with bands and were their gophers and grunt men, the ones who not only set up, but broke down entire stages when big rock bands toured, a lot more too, but it is amusing [...]

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Palm Beacher Intros New App for I Phone

Jul 03, 2017 Comments Off by

It is always exciting to see a local hit a sweet spot in any sector, but especially the tech sector. Kathryn Harper has hit on a new found way of communicating with info in the messaging format. Using logos with emoji’s her app makes sending info on a meeting place or whatever the need, easy, [...]

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Boca Raton Adds 3 New EV Charging Stations

Jul 17, 2017 Comments Off by

Boca Raton Adds Three New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations The City of Boca Raton has added three new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to its network. Two new stations are located at City Hall (201 West Palmetto Park Road) and one at the Spanish River Library (1501 NW Spanish River Blvd). The first EV station [...]

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Fashion Messaging Gets a Point Across

Jul 17, 2017 Comments Off

  As a fashion oriented male, it strikes me that sometimes it seems like women have more fun with clothing and apparel than men. I like this messaging, it goes against the trend of being social, but in a lighter way. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Tim Byrd The Byrdman  Publisher Raise [...]

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We Welcome PR-BS.net to PBLWP

Feb 13, 2017 Comments Off

We welcome to the Palm Beach Live Work Play family of sponsors, advertisers, supporters and friends Gary Schweikhart and his PR-BS.net. Gary is well thought of and has been in our area for many years, he will be contributing, so watch out for his own special area with suggestions for you. Of course the mission [...]

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